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Abacus Classes in Singapore

Kiya Learning Classes are designed to help your child develop strong mental math and calculation skills. Our experienced teachers use interactive methods to help students master the abacus and become confident math learners.


Abacus Course Curriculum

Beginner Level (Level 1-3)

Learn the basics of representing numbers and performing calculations using the abacus. Practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Intermediate Level (Level 4-6)

Master more complex calculations with multi digit numbers, decimal points, and negative numbers. Learn about abacus shortcuts and tricks to improve speed an accuracy.

Advanced Level (Level 7-8)

Develop expert-level proficiency in abacus calculation through advanced techniques, speed tests and competitions.

International Abacus Olympiad

Addition And Subtraction

Pattern : 1 & 2 & 3 & 4 Digit and 12 rows ,
Total : 5 sets of 12 numbers ,
total duration : 10 minutes


Pattern : 2 Digits with 2 Digit ,
total : 10 sets,
total duration : 10 minutes


Pattern : 2 Digits with 1 Digit
total : 10 sets,
total duration : 10 minutes

How to Prepare for Abacus Olympiad

  •  Understand the Format and Rules
  •  Learn Abacus Basics
  •  Master Abacus Techniques
  •  Mental Arithmetic Practice
  •  Practice Regularly
  •  Participate in Mock Tests

Parts of Abacus

Abacus used to be made of wood and nowadays they’re made from plastic.

It is made out of a rectangular frame with vertically aligned rods on which beads glide up and down. Abacus mainly consists of

• Frame (outer body) holds rods, bars and beads.

• Bar (separates upper beads from lower beads).

• Rods to hold beads.

• Beads they are bi-conical in shape.

•House points (reference points to start calculations).

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Abacus Tricks

Finger Techniques

Using an abacus efficiently requires mastering various finger techniques to manipulate the beads.

Position Techniques

Abacus position helps to perform calculation more quickly and help students to memorize more efficiently.

Hand Movement Techniques

Hand movement techniques involve coordinated movements of both hands to manipulate the beads on the abacus.

What are the Advantages of Abacus ?

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