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Empowering Students with CBSE Curriculum in Singapore

Discover a world-class education with Kiya Learning. Our CBSE courses in Singapore provide comprehensive subject coverage, exam preparation, and interactive sessions for students of all grades. Take the first step towards success today!

Interactive CBSE Curriculum

Subject Mastery

Our CBSE curriculum equips students with in-depth knowledge across various subjects, enabling them to excel academically.

Critical Thinking

We foster critical thinking skills, encouraging students to analyze, evaluate, and solve real-world problems with creativity and confidence.

CBSE Subjects

Science & Technology

Explore the wonders of the natural world through handson experiments and innovative learning strategies.

English Literature

Discover the beauty of language through captivating stories, poetry, and literary analysis.


Develop strong problem solving skills and mathematical reasoning through engaging activities and real-life applications.

Exam Preparation

Detailed Study Materials

Access comprehensive study materials that cover the entire CBSE syllabus, helping you prepare for exams with confidence.

Mock Tests & Practice Papers

Sharpen your exam-taking skills with our mock tests and practice papers, designed to simulate the CBSE examination environment.

Expert Guidance & Feedback

Receive personalized guidance from experienced educators, who provide valuable feedback to enhance your performance.

Benefits of Kiya Learning

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Call us at +65 9645 3195 to speak with our friendly team and get all your questions answered.


Drop us an email at admissionkiya@kiyalearning .com to\explore how our CBSE courses can benefit you.


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