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December 2023

English Tuition For IGCSE

Chess Online

Kiya Learning’s Chess Online offers a rich virtual environment for chess enthusiasts. With interactive tutorials, live matches, and diverse gameplay modes, our platform caters to all skill levels. Engage in practice sessions, tournaments, and strategy discussions to refine techniques. Accessible via web or app, it provides tools for analysis and fosters a vibrant community. Elevate […]

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Vedic Math Tricks in 2024

Online Vedic Math Classes

Kiya Learning provides exceptional Online Vedic Math Classes, incorporating ancient Indian math wisdom. Our interactive sessions empower students to excel in mental math, strengthen problem-solving skills, and grasp arithmetic concepts effectively. Join us for a transformative learning experience!. Table Of Content Master Mental Math: Online Vedic Math Classes for All Ages Unleash the Power of

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Abacus Classes For Kids

Abacus Classes For Kids

Kiya Learning offers dynamic and interactive abacus classes tailored specifically for kids. Our program focuses on cultivating strong mathematical foundations and mental agility through the use of the abacus tool. With engaging lessons and hands-on activities, children develop essential skills such as concentration, critical thinking, and numerical fluency. At Kiya Learning, we prioritize a fun

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IB Tuition Singapore

Kiya Learning offers top-tier IB tuition in Singapore, focusing on IB Diploma subjects. Their expert tutors provide personalized guidance, comprehensive study materials, and exam-focused strategies, aiding students to excel in IB assessments. They emphasize conceptual understanding and application to ensure academic success in the IB curriculum. Table Of Content Specialized IB Diploma Subject Tutoring Expert

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GCE O and A level Maths

Kiya Learning offers comprehensive resources for GCE O and A level Maths, providing tailored content, practice questions, and video tutorials. It emphasizes conceptual understanding, aiding students in mastering topics and improving problem-solving skills. Kiya Learning’s interactive approach fosters a deeper grasp of mathematical concepts, enhancing students’ confidence and performance in exams. Table Of Content Fundamental

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