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Experienced and professional

Our teachers are experienced, your child is in good hands. In the first place, only experienced teachers understand how to communicate with kids. Experienced teachers understand how to approach pupils and motivate them to study based on their past experience.

Our teachers share the best practices and real life example also

Nowadays, practical knowledge is as important as theoretical knowledge. So our teachers provide the best study materials with which your child has practical knowledge and, through that, your child can discover real-life examples.

Encouraging in Nature

The most significant aspect of any student's life is when someone is there to encourage them. There will be moments when kids not comprehend should be there to support them and tell them that they can do it. An Our teachers will be there for your child and encourage them when feel low.

Friendly attitude

Kiya Learning provides teachers who are friendly towards your child. Many pupils are afraid to talk in front of instructors, but your child will interact here since our teachers make them feel at ease and sociable.

Interactive and engaging

A student can advance in life if he or she knows how to engage and connect with others in real life. Our teachers ensure that students learn this behavior by requiring them to participate in one-to-one online lessons.


Our Teachers Have this Quality it is the most crucial quality in instructors since many kids require some time to acclimate. when it comes to learning and understanding, each student has their own unique sat of talents.

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About Us

We are one of the best one-to-one online private tutoring platform. We provide classes for all the subjects, from pre-primary to higher secondary level students. With academic tutoring, we also provide classes of all the languages like German, French, Spanish, Chinese, English, and Hindi, including some regional languages such as Urdu, Tamil, and Telugu, all over the world. Our platform is also known for providing the tutoring of some extra-curriculum activities such as Yoga, Abacus, Art and Craft, Singing, Dancing, Chess, Zumba, and instruments like guitar and piano.

Why Kiya Learning?

1) We provide certified teachers who teach your child.
2) We guarantee that your child will receive better grades.
3) We provide high-quality study materials that make the learning process easy for your child.
4) We provide teachers who are very helpful in making your child complete their Assignments.
5) We always present a well-structured and customized strategic method of learning to your child, allowing them to flourish both academically and in real life.
6) We are available 24X7 for you and your child.
7) As a result of our platform, your child’s personality will grow as well as he or she will become more engaging and interactive in nature, which will benefit him or her in the long term.

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