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Importance of public speaking.

Kiya learning gives public Best Personality Development Classes in Singapore Importance Of Public Speaking. Skills and techniques are more valuable then marks and degrees in the modern world. Skills are the tools that pave way towards success. Public speaking is such a skill. It is a soft skill that is helps to communicate enthusiastically and engage with your audience in an impactful way.

Why public speaking

Public speaking is one of the skills that is required to make an avid personality. No matter in what profession you are you want public speaking skills to express yourself and to make people understand you. A polished speaker can make presentations interesting and lure audience’s attention. Kiya learning can provide you with the Best Public Speaking Classes in Singapore.

Public Speaking Classes in Singapore

How we help you

Kiya learning is an internationally recognised ed tech company. We are established in all the big countries like u.s.a, Canada, Australia etc. We are here to provide you with the classes and training for public speaking. We are open for all the people rather be it a child or an adult.

After training you will become

Natural Communicators

We teach you child to express themselves in an authentic manner.

Confident Leaders

We build Children who Speack and behave with conviction, Knowing how to respond to any given situation

Real Life Skills

We Believe the Skills we teach in the classroom are applicable to real life situations ,helping your child carry these as they go thought life.

Public Speaking Classes in Singapore

Why choose us.

Public Speaking Classes in Singapore

Why Choose us?

At Stariffic, we want to teach your child to be a confident and natural speaker. We believe in the
power and persuasion in good communication and we want to nurture children who display
authentic confidence in their speech and actions. We don’t believe in by-the-book methods or
unnatural actions as these can come across robotic or worse, rehearsed.


Kiya Learning provides teachers who are friendly towards your child. Many students are afraid to talk in front of instructors, but your child will interact here since our teachers make them feel at ease and sociable..

Interactive and Engaging Environments

A student can advance in life if he or she knows how to engage and connect with others in real life. Our classes are interactive, engaging, and creative.


In the end, your child will be able to evaluate not only his or her academic success but also his or her personality.

One-to-one online private tutoring

Kiya Learning is a leading one-to-one online learning platform that offers high-quality education from qualified educators.

Fully-Customized Method For Each Child-

Teachers provide the best study materials, notes, and assignments. Every child has their own caliber of learning, so our teachers customize the study material as per thechild..

EQ Training

Along with a strong education and excellent grades in tests, a student must also learn life lessons. Your youngster will learn all of life's lessons on our platform.

Finding you an Amazing class for ur child

1.Your kid will be taught by professional instructors.

2.We always present a well-structured and personalised strategic learning method to your child, allowing them to flourish both academically and in real life.

3.We are available 24X7 for you and your child.

4.As a result of our platform, your child’s personality will grow as well as he or she will become more engaging and interactive in nature, which will benefit him or her in the long term.

5.We have the best teachers who give the best practices in theoretical and practical knowledge during online classes based on their years of experience in the particular subject.


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