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Your Path to Success with Kiya Learning

Unlock your potential with Kiya Learning’s comprehensive ICSE courses and expert teachers. Prepare for exams and gain a competitive edge with individualized attention in one-to-one sessions. Contact us today to start your journey towards success!.


ICSE Courses Offered with Levels


Our courses in Mathematics are designed for students of all levels, from foundational algebra to advanced calculus.

Interactive Learning

Learn the fundamental concepts and advanced applications of Chemistry with our comprehensive courses.


Explore the world of living organisms with our biology courses, suitable for all levels.

Computer Science

Develop programming skills and learn the digital tools needed to excel in the modern world with our computer science courses.

Exam Preparation Strategies for ICSE

Practice Quizzes

Master each subject with our
challenging practice quizzes,
carefully designed to test your
knowledge and skills.

Mock Tests

Experience the exam
environment beforehand with
our full-length mock tests,
which accurately simulate the
real exam.

Exam Strategies

Our expert teachers help you
ace the exam with proven
techniques and strategies,
tailored to your strengths and

Expert Teachers for One-to-One Sessions


Get personalized guidance and support from our expert teachers with one-to-one sessions and individualized feedback.

Flexible Scheduling

Choose the time and date that works best for your schedule, and receive dedicated support when you need it most.

Innovative Techniques

Our innovative techniques and teaching methods ensure that you get the best possible learning experience, custom tailored to your needs and pace.

Access to Top Teachers

Our teachers are top professionals in the field, with years of experience, who are dedicated to helping students succeed.

ICSE Subjects

History & Civics

Learn about the past and how it influences the present with our courses in History and Civics.


Explore our planet and its diversity with our courses in Geography.

English Literature

Get lost in the world of classic and modern literature with our courses in English Literature.

Contact Kiya Learning Today for More Information

Ready to take the next step towards academic success? Contact us today for more information on
our courses and exam preparation strategies.

FAQs about IGCSE in Singapore

IGCSE courses typically last
for two years.

Yes, the courses are open to
both local and international

Visit our website or contact
our admissions office for
enrollment details.

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