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Dance Classes in Singapore

Kiya Learning Dance Classes

Welcome to Kiya Learning Dance Classes in Singapore, where vitality and advancement come together! Our capable specialists will coordinate you through diverse move styles, custom fitted to your fitness level and slants. Discover Dance Classes  the euphoria and benefits of move in a relentless and comprehensive environment. 

Dance Styles

Dance Classes in Singapore

Experience the grace and elegance of ballet, mastering fluidity and precision in every movement.

Dance Classes in Singapore
Hip Hop

Groovy moves to energetic choreography, our classes bring the spirit of hip hop alive.

Dance Classes in Singapore

Immerse yourself in the vibrant rhythms of salsa, igniting your passion for Latin dance and culture.

Dance Classes in Singapore

Jazz dance classes blend expressive moves, syncopated rhythms, and dynamic choreography.

Benefits of Dance Classes in Singapore With Kiya Learning

Physical Fitness

Dance is a fantastic way to stay active, improve flexibility, and boost cardiovascular health. It combines physical exercise with fun, rhythm, and creativity, making it an enjoyable way to stay fit. Engage in dance to enhance your physical well-being while expressing yourself through movement and music.

Emotional Wellbeing

Express yourself through movement, release stress, and enhance your mood with the therapeutic power of dance. Enjoy the physical and emotional benefits as you dance, fostering creativity and joy while improving your overall well-being. Dance offers a unique way to connect with yourself and others.

Social Connection

Express yourself through movement, release stress, and enhance your mood with the therapeutic power of dance. Enjoy physical and emotional benefits, fostering creativity and joy while improving well-being. Dance uniquely connects you with yourself and others, offering a holistic approach to fitness and mental health.

Dance Classes for Kids and Teens

Kids Dance

  • Fun and intelligently Dance classes in Singapore custom-made for children matured 5-11.
  • Improvement of coordination, beat, and imagination through age-appropriate choreography.
  • 3.Support of a cherish for move utilizing locks in exercises and diversions. 

Teen Dance

  1. High-energy Dance classes in Singapore designed for teenagers aged 12-18.
  2. Exploration of various dance styles, including contemporary and hip hop.
  3. Focus on building confidence, fostering teamwork, and encouraging self-expression through performance opportunities.

Types of Dance

Traditional Dances

  1. Exploration of the rich heritage of cultural dances from around the world.
  2. Experience the beauty and diversity of traditional dance forms, including flamenco and Bollywood, among others.

Classical Dances

  1. Classical dances are characterized by a formalized and structured set of movements.
  2. Dancers typically adhere to established techniques and choreographic patterns that have been transmitted through generations.

Expert Team

Dance Classes in Singapore
Passionate Instructors

Our highly skilled dance teachers at Kiya Learning are passionate about sharing their expertise and nurturing your dance journey. With a wealth of experience and a deep love for dance, they ensure every class is educational and inspiring. Specializing in various styles like ballet, hip-hop, jazz, and contemporary, our instructors cater to all skill levels, offering personalized attention and constructive feedback. They focus on building a strong foundation, fostering creativity, and encouraging self-expression. Join us to experience a supportive and inclusive environment where you can explore the joy of dance and develop your skills with guidance from exceptional instructors.

Dance Classes in Singapore
Creative Choreographers

At Kiya Learning, our talented choreographers will challenge and inspire you, helping you master captivating dance routines. With their extensive experience and creative vision, they provide a dynamic learning environment that pushes you to excel. Each session is designed to enhance your technique, rhythm, and performance skills. Our choreographers are dedicated to bringing out your best, whether you're a beginner or an advanced dancer. They focus on precision, expression, and confidence, ensuring you not only learn the steps but also embody the artistry of dance. Join us to experience the transformative power of dance under their expert guidance.

Dance Classes in Singapore
Professional Performers

At Kiya Learning, learn from experienced performers who have graced prestigious stages around the world. Our instructors bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise, offering you the opportunity to receive world-class dance training. Their rich backgrounds in various dance forms ensure that you gain valuable insights and techniques. Each class is designed to enhance your skills, creativity, and performance quality. Our teachers are passionate about sharing their experiences and guiding you on your dance journey. Join Kiya Learning to benefit from their global experience and elevate your dance abilities to new heights in a supportive and inspiring environment.

One to One Sessions

Dance Classes in Singapore

Raise your Dance Classes in Singapore with personalized one-on-one sessions. Our master teaches will tailor the lessons to your particular objectives, giving centered direction and criticism to quicken your advance. Whether you are a apprentice or an experienced artist, our person coaching will take your capacities to modern statures. 

Stay Connected with Kiya Learning Dance Classes in Singapore

Remain associated with Kiya Learning’s dynamic Dance classes in Singapore, where enthusiasm meets exactness. Our classes cover a assortment of styles counting expressive dance, hip-hop, jazz, and modern, guided by experienced educates. We cater to all ability levels, from tenderfoots to progressed artists, centering on method, expression, and choreography. Connect us to investigate the bliss of move, progress coordination, and construct certainty in a steady environment. Remain upgraded with our most recent classes, occasions, and workshops to proceed your move travel with Kiya Learning. Interface with us and encounter the energetic world of move in Singapore’s multicultural scene.