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What is an Abacus?

Teach your child to think faster than a calculator.

Can your child solve this in 5 seconds?
987×567=? and 4589×7531=?

The Abacus makes it easy to solve in 5 seconds!

Abacus is an instrument or a mechanical device used to assist a person in performing mathematical calculations and counting. Abacus calculation was created in ancient times and is now frequently utilized as a brain development tool. Join Kiya learning ‘s Abacus Classes in Singapore.

  • One of the most prevalent calculation procedures since ancient times has been

Children’s concentration levels have significantly improved. Best Abacus Classes in Singapore are kiya learning abacus class.

What is Mental Arithmetic?

 Any number whether it is a 2 digit or 4 digit can be added, subtracted, multiplied, divided, or any complex calculation can be done within a seconds

This allows for quick calculations.

Effective in cracking competitive time-based tests.

Parts of Abacus

Abacus used to be made of wood and nowadays they’re made from plastic.

It is made out of a rectangular frame with vertically aligned rods on which beads glide up and down. Abacus mainly consists of

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• Frame (outer body) holds rods, bars and beads.

• Bar (separates upper beads from lower beads).

• Rods (to hold beads)

• Beads (they are bi-conical in shape)

•House points (reference points to start calculations)

What are the Advantages of Abacus ?


• House points (reference points to start calculations)

• Whole-brain training. Develops the left and right hemispheres.

• Increases focus, listening skills, imagination, creativity.

• Enhances faster mental math skills. It improves the understanding of arithmetic.

• Increases endurance and academic stamina. Develops discipline and character.

• Develops confidence and self-esteem.

• Overcoming a fear of mathematics

• Making complex calculations simple with and without the Abacus

• Your child can do fast calculations.

• Analytical thinking

• Sharpen your focus.

• Improve your memory and photo memory.

• It will improve your school's performance.

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