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Tips on Scoring Social Studies

In social science classes in Singapore the Students in Singapore’s O-Level curriculum may find social studies to be one of the most significant topics. Many students have difficulty with it. Some kids find difficulty with history, while others find difficulty with geography. To achieve a decent mark in Social Studies, you must comprehend both of these areas well. Social Studies is a component of the Humanities program.

The Humanities and Social Sciences topics give students a wide grasp of the world in which they live, as well as how to participate as active and informed citizens with the high-level abilities required in the twenty-first century. Learn social science from the best tutors of Kiya learning that provides the best social science classes in Singapore

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Tips on Scoring Al on O-Level Social Studies...

Amongst all the subjects available on the O Level curriculum, Social Studies would he one of...

Portrait of teacher with two girls at lesson

Essential Info About Combined
Humanities in Secondary School...

Secondary Two students moving to Secondary Three will notice that there is a compulsory subject.


How to Raise Globally Minded Kids without Traveling Out...

With the Internet connecting the world. children are now becoming more aware of global issues...

You'll encounter topics like:

21 Century

Citizenship and Character

National Education Of Singapore


Living in Diverse Society

Globalised World

Societal issues



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