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IGCSE Courses in Singapore

Discover the bestย  IGCSE courses offered in Singapore at Kiya Learning. Get ready to excel in your exams and gain a competitive edge. Take the first step towards your academic success today!

IGCSE Exam Preparation in Singapore United Plantation

IGCSE Courses Offered


Build a solid foundation in math with our comprehensive
IGCSE curriculum.


Explore the wonders of biology, chemistry, and physics through our engaging courses.

English Language

Enhance your language skills in reading, writing, speaking, and listening.

Benefits of Taking IGCSE in Singapore

Global Recognized Qualification

IGCSE is acknowledged worldwide, opening doors to top universities and career opportunities.

Enhanced Analytical Skills

Enhanced Analytical Skills Develop critical thinking, problem solving, and analytical skills for academic
and personal success.

Diverse Subject Selection

Choose from a wide range of subjects to
align with your interests and future goals.

Preparation for A-Levels

Choose from a wide range of subjects to align with your interests and future goals.

Structure of IGCSE Exam

Written Exams

Conduct comprehensive assessments through written exams covering all subjects.

Practical Assessments

Test your practical knowledge and skills through hands-on assessments.


Complete coursework projects to demonstrate your understanding and application of concepts.

IGCSE at Kiya Learning

Experience the best IGCSE learning environment at Kiya Learning. Our qualified teachers ensure individual attention, guidance, and an engaging learning experience. Join us to unlock yourfull potential!

Expert Teachers

Our experienced teachers provide personalized guidance and support for each student.

Interactive Learning

Engage in interactive lessons and activities to enhance your understanding and retention of concepts.

Collaborative Environment

Work together with peers in a collaborative and supportive learning environment.

IGCSE Gives you the Competitive Edge

Academic Excellence

Excel academically with the globally recognized IGCSE certification.

University Admissions

Stand out in university applications and increase your chances of being accepted into top universities.

Career Opportunities

Open doors to diverse career opportunities with a solid educational foundation.

Exam Preparation

IGCSE at Kiya Learning

FAQs about IGCSE in Singapore

IGCSE courses typically last
for two years.

Yes, the courses are open to
both local and international

Visit our website or contact
our admissions office for
enrollment details.

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