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Hindi Classes in Singapore

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Hindi as a subject in Singapore

In Hindi Classes in Singapore The Hindi lessons are conducted for the mainstream students, from Primary 1 to A level, who have opted for Hindi as their mother tongue subject in their school curriculum time.
Hindi is not like other languages such as English, German, or French; all elements such as writing, speaking, reading, and listening are quite different. Kiya learning provides the best online classes
The Hindi Classes In Singapore Is Managed By The Board Of Teaching & Testing Of South AsianLanguages (BTTSAL).

In Order To Attain Fluency And Proficiency In Hindi Subject, The Best And The Most Effective Way Is To Engage A Private Hindi Language Tutor To Provide Proper Guidance In Learning The Hindi.

Kiya Learning Is Widely Regarded As One Of The Best Hindi Classes As We Teach As Per The BTTSAL.

Hindi Classes in Singapore


Hindi Classes in Singapore
The Hindi curriculum in Singapore is managed by the Board of Teaching & Testing of South Asian Languages (BTTSAL).

In order to attain fluency and proficiency in Hindi subject, the best and the most effective way is to engage a private Hindi language tutor to provide proper guidance in learning the Hindi.

Kiya learning is widely regarded as one of the best Hindi classes as we teach as per the BTTSAL.

Here are some Preschool Hindi topics we cover

Hindi Classes in Singapore

Here are some Primary School Hindi topics we cover

Picture-based essay

Guided essay


Language use and comprehension

Graphic stimulus

Cloze comprehension

Picture description

Oral examination


Words in pairs



Completion of sentences

Picture interpretation

Reading Aloud

Listening comprehension

Here are some Secondary School Hindi topics we cover

Speech writing




Essay writing

Sentence transformation

Combination or separation of words

Cloze passage




And much more

Lecture Notes

Kiya Learning provides lecture notes and worksheets to the students in the online classes. These lecture notes have been designed concisely and are easy to learn.

Professional Tutors

Our tutors have conducted 1:1 online lessons. We provide only professional and experienced tutors.

Hindi Classes in Singapore


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