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French Course Overview

The French language is one of the most useful business languages. This language is spoken in many countries. Kiya learning is here to provide you with French Classes in Singapore

There are six levels in the French language

  • We teach all the levels (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, and C2).
  • We teach this language according to the DELF and DALF patterns. You will be able to pass the DELF and DALF exam.
  • Regular monitoring of your progress helps effective learning
  • By the end of the French classes, you will be able to communicate fluently in French language in less than two months. Join Kiya learning’s the Best French Classes in Singapore.
French classes in Singapore


  • No previous knowledge of French is required. You can start from scratch!
  • Keen interest in learning French language
  • A positive attitude
  • smartphone or laptop
  • mobile data Or Wifi

Course Benefits

  • Coaching from Certified Trainers
  • An Internationally Accepted Curriculum
  • Start Speaking like a native French Speaker
  • Live interactive and engaging classes
  • Certificate of course completion
  • Flexible Timing
  • Access to our best study material, notes, and assignment.

Course Curriculum & Syllabus

Here, you will get acquainted with French history, civilisation, and French culture. The lifestyle of the French people, their habits, etc. will be very interesting to learn about. What is their staple diet, their work culture, famous destinations to visit while in France, etc. will be fascinating to know about!

You will be introduced to the basic topics that are going to be covered during the course. You will learn some really interesting French words, sounds, and pronunciations. What are the words for professionals, objects, animals, colours, etc. will be fun to learn!

You will be taught how to greet people on various occasions. How to express yourself in various situations! How to be grateful, how to felicitate anyone, how to express condolences, how to take one’s leave, etc.

You will be able to introduce yourself in French using simple vocabulary. Sentences such as ‘My name is …, I stay at …, I am currently working at …, etc. will not sound difficult anymore. Striking basic conversation in French, with a stranger, friend, a colleague will no more be a dreadful task! You can even tell people about the best french classes near you. P.s. it’s us.

You will get acquainted with numbers in French. Writing a date, a digit, a number, a numeric figure, or an amount will be easy.

See what our students are saying

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She possesses great teaching strategies aimed to teach how to communicate efficiently paying attention to the grammar. She is patient and full of resources. An amazing tutor and a very nice person.
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I recently completed ten lessons. The experience was extremely rewarding. The conversations improved my French and increased my confidence. They creates an environment where mistakes are welcomed and professionally corrected.
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Studying French has help me to focus more on learning the language. She is very encouraging. I am inspired. I know sooner or later I will be a good french speaker with her guidence. I really enjoy studying.”
French classes in Singapore

Aryash, 12 Yrs, Singapore

French classes in Singapore

Zidane, 15 Yrs, Singapore

French classes in Singapore

Damodar, 10 Yrs, Singapore

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