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Psychology subject in Singapore

What is Psychology

Psychology is the scientific study of the human mind and behavior. Human development, sports, health, clinical, social behavior, and cognitive processes are all aspects of this interdisciplinary area. In psychology classes in Singapore for Kiya Learning we focus on the overall development.

Kiya learning teaches everything from the fundamentals of the human brain through consciousness, memory, thinking, and language, as well as personality. Join the best psychology classes in Singapore by Kiya learning


Required Skillset

Scope of Psychology in India and Abroad

Students who wants to pursue and have keen interest in psychology and its related areas are welcome. Students who wish to do higher-level studies can pursue psychology as well.
This course is appropriate for students who have a good understanding of the human mind and are curious enough to dig deeper.


Psychologists will have more opportunities in the future. Universities, government entities, clinics, schools, and hospitals hire them. Europe, the United States, New Zealand, and Australia are popular destinations for psychologists. Psychologists are in high demand at health centers, hospitals, clinics, and mental health centers.

It also looks at how the human mind reacts in various situations. As people have become increasingly stressed throughout time, and many have succumbed to despair and mental illness, psychologists have studied the human view of life and every scenario in depth. Join the best psychology classes in Singapore by Kiya learning


What you’ll learn

Undergraduate subjects

Introduction to Psychology

Psychological Research

Statistical Methods for Psychological Research

Understanding and Dealing with Psychological Disorders

Social Physiology

Counselling Psychology

Psychology for Individual Differences

Applied Social Psychology

Postgraduate Subjects

Applied Psychometry

Cognitive Process/Neuro physiology

Psychology at the Margins

Cognitive Development during Infancy and Early Childhood

Statistics and Experimental Design

Paradigms of Psychology

Multivariate Techniques

Listening and Communicating


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