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German classes in Singapore

German Course Overview

German is the only language you can find that is a widely spoken language in European countries as compared to other languages.

Germany ranks in top 5 in both commerce and technology. As a result, it offers a wide range of job opportunities. German Classes in Singapore are introduced by Kiya learning.

German classes in Singapore


  • No previous knowledge is required.You can start from scratch!
  • Keen interest in learning this language
  • Smartphone or Laptop
  • Mobile data OR wifi

Course Benefits

  • Coaching from Certified Trainers
  • An Internationally Accepted Curriculum
  • Start Speaking like a native Speaker
  • Live interactive and engaging classes
  • Certificate of course completion
  • Flexible Timing
  • Access to our best study material, notes, and assignment.

Course Curriculum & Syllabus

This is a basic German language course. you will get a clear idea about what all will be covered in your course. basic German vocabulary, sounds, etc., will comprise this topic.

how to greet people in German! how to express yourself on various occasions, whether happy or sad, is taught thoroughly.

you will be able to introduce yourself in German. Basic introductory sentences such as ‘I am …, I live with me …., I am currently …, etc.’ will not sound too difficult. you won’t even have to hesitate while striking a conversation.

basics of German language grammar will be covered. sentence structure will be explained clearly. recognition of gender, and making appropriate changes in the sentence comprise this step.

you will be introduced to numbers in German language. how to read the numbers, how to pronounce them, and how to write them will be covered in this topic. after learning numbers in German, you will be able to write a numeric figure, an amount, quantity, date, etc. in German.

See what our students are saying

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Mam is such a great teacher. She is so friendly and nice, and makes me feel very comfortable. She is there at difficult process of learning German conversation. She really makes the hard work easier with such a positive way!
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’Mam is so patient, friendly, understanding, and helpful. She’s really cooperative, understanding, and does everything heartily to give the utmost benefit.”
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Mam is always very well-prepared to provide the most productive lesson possible. She encourages and challenges me to use new expressions and vocabulary. The readings and exercises she sends are also extremely helpful.”
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